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Access Control in San Antonio TX

Commercial property owners and administrators understand the necessity of investing in a basic security system for the safety and protection of their facility. When ordering new keys and changing the locks becomes time consuming and expensive every time an employee or tenant leaves; and for times when more than just an ordinary lock and key is required, customized access control systems offer the ultimate solution in security management.

Free Security Inspection

The skilled security experts at Champion Lock and Safe Company provide free evaluations and a range of practical options customized according to your specific needs. Choose from state-of-the-art security that allows you to monitor and control access within designated areas of a large commercial building or apartment complex; to electronic security options that limit the usage of desks, cabinets or other equipment, installed by our experienced San Antonio locksmiths offering services for any type of organization, large or small.

What is Access Control?

One may ask, what is a customized access control system? An access control system is a security protocol that combines hardware and software to regulate and monitor who can access a secure physical or technological space. Access control is a high technology system used to secure both commercial and residential entry points. An example of access control is the automated garage door that opens to a gated condominium structure. The door will open automatically for residents when the proximity reader detects an access card (usually a sticker or a key-card) inside the vehicle.

Main Components of an Access Control System:

Access Control Panels - these are the main computer system of the access control system which store all the pertinent information. A control panel usually consists of a circuit board and battery. The number of access points (doors) can be configured here and easily upgraded, depending on your system.

Access Control Readers - these readers are placed at each access point. They function to recognize compatible access control devices such as access cards or keys. Some are able to detect devices while others must be psychically activated (swiping, tapping). Other access control readers include keypad entry readers and biometric readers. Biometric readers are the highest form of security because they employ fingerprint readers to determine access entry.

Access Control Devices - this could be a magnetic keychain that signals an electronic code to the access reader. An example of this is the small magnetic keychain you use to enter a shared gym locker room. These devices contain information about the user and their access rights.

Entry and Exit Hardware - these are electronically powered magnetic magnets that hold an access point locked until the access control panel sends a signal to the control reader that any given entry point is safe to be unlocked.

Access control is one of the most rapidly growing areas of electronic security with ongoing technology developments focused toward on the highest level of protection. Manage the access to specific rooms and areas in your commercial building with a Champion Lock and Safe Company access control system installation that allows you to program and monitor and control acess to your San Antonio facility.

How can Access Control Security Systems Benefit my Business?

An access control security system is beneficial to any business or personal residence because it saves time and money for future upgrades. Constantly changing keys and security hardware is costly and time consuming. It involves in the employment of locksmiths and key cutters. The security of these systems is difficult to control because people can copy keys without notifying you. An access control system is only customizable to the person who installs it and can be upgraded or changed easily. An access control key is not reproducible unless it is specifically issued.

  • • Determine the precise access privileges of any employee, visitor, or occupant of your organization
  • • Convenient keyless entry and exit with easy-to-use swipe cards or tags
  • • Verify the arrival and departure time of all employees and visitors
  • • Monitor absenteeism and employee break times
  • • Track users in any monitored area
  • • Easily remove, change or add users from your computer, laptop or mobile device
  • • Eliminate the cost and hazard of lost or stolen keys
  • • Improve overall safety and security

Customized Services

Our San Antonio locksmiths customize and install a variety of security systems from basic single locks and numeric keypad systems, to the most comprehensive electronic access control systems available today. Champion Lock and Safe Company can also adapt services to equip any number of rooms and doors at your commercial location with:

  • Entryway and Door Access Control
  • Proximity readers
  • Keypads
  • Biometrics

Our friendly team of technicians will be happy to answer all your questions about the different options you have available to you. We want to inform you so that you are confident in the choice you make, that is why we offer free consultations via phone, email or in person. These systems are easily upgraded, and our team will be happy to follow up with you to determine if this is something you are interested in or will potentially need in the future. We will be sure to outfit your home or business with the perfect access control system for your needs.

Advanced Commercial Electronic Lock and Key Solutions

Qualified consultation and installation of keyless access control systems for any establishment in the San Antonio also incorporates a range of added security options that include:

  • • Magnetic Locks
  • • Electric Strikes
  • • Electric deadbolts
  • • Magnetic shear locks
  • • Push to Exit buttons
  • • Emergency releases
  • • Motion Sensors
  • • Panic bars

Improve the Security at any Facility

Whether your requirements include lock and security systems for an office building, apartment or condominium complex, an industrial facility, factory, warehouse, retail store, educational institution, or restaurant, Champion Lock and Safe Company offer the latest security solutions for any type of organization.

Contact one of our qualified locksmiths for a free consultation and to learn more about access control systems that can be customized to your needs and budget.

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