Homeowners, business owners, and apartment complexes can benefit from a master key system. They’re a stellar investment for pretty much anyone. Today, we’re going to show you why.

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • What a master key does
  • How a master key operates
  • Why you should have a master key

Read on to find out!

How Does a Master Key System Work?

Traditionally, a master key system relies on a set of cylindrical locks installed throughout a home or business. Each of these locks contains two sets of pins: the driver pins, which sit above the lock, and the key pins, which sit below.

So far, this is all the same as a regular locking mechanism. What’s different about a master key is another pin. A master key system has a third pin, the master pin (or master wafer), which allows two different key cuts to fit into the same lock.

That means you can have two different types of keys: a single key that works on a single lock, and a master key, which will work on every lock across the property area.

The master key system can then be divided and duplicated to make as complex a system of keys as you want. You can have any number of master keys, sub-master keys, and basic keys. You can even have grandmaster keys and great grandmaster keys.

4 Reasons to Have a Master Key

1. Convenience.

Car keys, house keys, office keys, garage keys—it’s a lot to keep track of. If you have a business or multiple properties, it can be overwhelming having every key to every door on a keychain.

Master keys get rid of all that bulk and fiddling around to find the right key. It’s like a universal remote: it’s a single device that gives you access to everything you may need. Less clutter, less hassle.

2. Price.

Nowadays, there’s a vast array of access control systems for you to choose from. Keyless entry, biometric entry, smart locks—the list is endless.

The good-old-fashioned master key is one that has stood the test of time. Why? Because it’s affordable. A master key system is quick to install and incredibly cost-effective. Because a master key only requires an extra set of pins, it’s far less expensive to retrofit a property with a master key than a whole new electronic access system.

3. Security.

Master keys enhance your security. They allow you to restrict access to certain areas, and they give you greater control over who can go where. Plus, a master key system is highly customizable. If you’re a small business owner, you can choose to have a master key for yourself, sub-master keys for some personnel, and single-use keys for others. Simpler. Smarter. Safer.

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