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When businesses have facilities with areas that should only be accessed by certain employees, you need a security system that permits some people’s access and restricts others.

With an old security system, this can be difficult. Different locks are needed for each door, which just leads to numerous headaches and confusion. Suddenly, employees have entire keychains filled with office keys for every lock. Your employees wind up losing keys, and you need to change your locks any time an employee is terminated and does not return their key.

What you need is a security system that allows you to grant temporary access to certain employees, and one that can easily allow for the denial of access to employees or tenants who permanently leave your company or building.

How can this be done without constantly ordering new keys for employees, changing locks frequently, or chasing down former employees for their keys? With a customized access control system, that’s how. Champion Lock & Safe Company are the experts when it comes to installing and customizing key fob access control systems and other electronic access control systems. As the world advances, so should your security system.

Access Control Systems: How Do They Work?

There are many different forms of access control systems available to the people of New Braunfels these days.

The term ‘access control’ usually refers to a computer-based security system. To get from one room to another, employees or tenants in a facility need to have their personal electronic card scanned by the security system’s card reader. If—and only if—that person has been granted access privilege by their superiors or the building’s manager will the computer system unlock the door and allow them to enter the room.

Depending on the security system you select for your facility, the system’s users might not have electronic cards. These days there are many different options to choose from other than electronic (or ‘smart’) card, including:

  • Proximity tokens, or key fobs
  • Touch disk tokens
  • Bio-metric recognition
  • Digital keypads

What Are the Benefits of Access Control Systems?

One of the biggest benefits of a modern access control system is that it eliminates the need for constantly printing and replacing keys. Because access control systems are computer-based, a user’s access can be altered, or even terminated, via a computer. If an employee is promoted to another department they can immediately be granted access to floors that were previously off-limits to them. If someone needs temporary access to the certain parts of the facility, it can be granted as easily as it can be reversed!

What are other benefits of a ‘smart’ access control system? Well, if you’re a business owner, it can give you a more detailed look at the productivity of your employees. How so? You’ll be able to see when your employees enter and exit the break rooms, how long they are in the bathroom, or how long they are outside the building.

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