There comes a time when every business owner will need to call a locksmith. When that time arrives for you, you might find yourself scrolling through search results. With so many local locksmiths to choose from, how does anyone know which ones are the most suited for the task at hand?

The professionals at Champion Lock & Safe Company are here to show you what to look for and what to avoid when seeking out a reputable locksmith company. By the end of this blog post, you’ll know what to look for—and we’re confident you’ll conclude your search by calling us for all of your locksmith needs.

Look for Experienced Locksmiths

There are some aspects of security that have remained unchanged over the years. Today’s conventional pin-and-tumbler door locks are not too different from the locks introduced by the American Linus Yale in 1848. Granted, those early locks were made from wood, but that doesn’t change the fact that the basic mechanisms have retained their original function.

For every cutting-edge security innovation that enters into the public sphere, from customizable access control systems to biometric fingerprint locks, there are countless doors with pin tumbler locks and deadbolt locks. If you want to work with a security expert that understands the fundamentals of conventional lock repair, you’re going to need a locksmith that is experienced. The more experienced your locksmith, the more likely it is that they have encountered traditional door lock problems before.

Chances are, an experienced locksmith has remained active because they provide quality work. Not only will the most established locksmiths in your area have a firm grasp on the time-honored tricks of their profession, but it is more than likely that they’ll be more than informed on the latest developments in security and lock systems of all varieties.

Does Your Locksmith Offer Quotes?

The typical locksmith offers their services at about $20 per hour with an additional 50% to 70% to cover labor costs and other fees—and that doesn’t include emergency service rates or the costs of replacement parts.

All things considered, it can be hard for the average business owner to guess how much their locksmith is going to charge them for services rendered. That is why clients love working with locksmiths who offer upfront, accurate—and free, if possible—quotes on their locksmith services.

Knowing what to expect during the billing period saves unnecessary guesswork and panic. The best locksmiths are the transparent ones, and the most transparent professionals always offer accurate quotes on their services. Be sure to ask your locksmith if they offer quotes for their repair and replacement efforts. Their answer will tell you a lot about their approach to customer service.

Do They Have an Online Presence?

There are some locksmiths that you come across when you are driving through the community. Maybe you see their mobile van parked on the side of the road, or you drive by their headquarters. You might feel compelled to jot down the phone number that you see plastered on the side of the van. Our advice? Take the time to see if those local locksmiths have a strong and verifiable online presence.

An online presence can tell you about a locksmith—and it can help you find out what other people think of their services, too. If they are a locksmith of note, their Yelp listing, Facebook page, or Google My Business page should have at least a handful of customer reviews and testimonials. You’ll be able to get a general idea about the quality of their work.

Don’t just pay attention to the reviews customers leave on the websites, though. Equally important is what the locksmith says in response to the less-than-rave reviews left by customers. Did the locksmith or their staff respond to criticisms politely or defensively? How they conduct themselves in the face of criticism will tell you a lot about their approach to customer service.

When a locksmith invests time and energy into their online presence, you’re left with the sense that they take a professional approach to their business. Do they have a functioning website? Is the website updated regularly? Are they verified on Google My Business? These things matter!

Do They Offer Many Services?

It is always a good sign when a locksmith offers a range of services. When you see customer reviews brimming with mentions of numerous locksmith services, you know that the locksmith will be able to address your immediate lock-and-key needs.

The more services they offer, the more skilled they are at their craft. When you finally find a locksmith that offers a full suite of services, you never have to waste time looking for another locksmith when other problems arise. You’ll have one dedicated locksmith for everything from lockouts to key extractions, access control system installation, lock replacement, and more.

Knowledge is power. Be sure to ask about the services your local locksmiths offer their new and longtime clients.

Do the Locksmiths Seem Professional?

This is a very broad area of concern, but the truth is that we know professionalism when we see it. It shows itself in many ways, from how they answer the phone and listen to your security concerns to how they price their services. If your locksmith doesn’t conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner, it can be hard to invest a lot of trust in them—and you need to fully trust them if they are going to be repairing the door locks around your business.

Learn More About Local Locksmiths

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