All residential and commercial property owners eventually need to change or rekey their locks.

This blog post will discuss the importance of rekeying and changing your locks and things to consider when doing so. From lost keys to broken keyholes, there are many reasons you might need to rekey or change your locks entirely – and we’re here to talk you through it.

If any of the following strikes close to home, be sure to contact Champion Lock & Safe Company for all your locksmithing needs.

Have You Lost Keys Recently?

You change the lock mechanism when you rekey a lock instead of cutting new keys. The old keys will no longer work, and new keys will be necessary.

If you’ve lost a few keys over the years, or worse, you’ve lost track of how many keys you’ve lost, it may be wise to consider rekeying the lock.

You won’t have to worry about where your old keys are or whose hands they may have fallen into. Instead, you will have a brand new set to rely on. Rekeying your property will also increase security significantly.

Stolen Keys

If you’ve recently had the displeasure and concern of having your keys stolen, you’ll need to rekey or change your locks right away. Of course, rekeying is the more cost-effective option, with most rekeying jobs costing anywhere from $35-$95 and beyond. Changing your locks will be more expensive, but you’ll be able to upgrade your lock more significantly when you decide to change your entire lock system.

If you’ve recently been robbed of your keys, please get in touch with our team. We’ll provide you with the insight you need to make the right decision for your safety moving forward.

A Change in Ownership

If you’ve recently gained ownership over a property, you will need new locks. Securing your property should be one of your first considerations when moving into a new home or business space. Once you have control over the access to the building, you can feel safe knowing your new property is safe every day and night.

If you work with a quality locksmith like us, you will be presented with many options, from general rekeying services to complete lock system upgrades.

Different locks have different strengths and purposes. Work with us to find out the best option for your needs.

Consolidate Your Lock and Key Situation

Rekeying your locks or changing them gives you the unique opportunity to consolidate your lock and keys back into one place. There are many reasons you might feel the need to do this. One common reason is business owners wanting a new lock and key system due to a disgruntled current or ex-employee. Or any disgruntled person, for that matter.

Whatever your reasons are for needing to start from square one with the locks on your doors, we will be there to help you and enlighten you with all the lock and key knowledge you need for your situation.

Upgrade Your Locks

The times are changing, and modern lock technology has improved significantly in the past half-decade. Depending on what’s at stake for you if you get broken into, a more sophisticated locking system will definitely be in your favor.

Old lock and key systems, ten years or older, should be replaced. The simplest upgrade is a classic rekeying service—this could be the most convenient option for you. A professional like Champion Lock & Safe Company can rekey all your locks within a matter of minutes.

Of course, lock replacement would be your next option. If you want to consider your lock upgrading options, please choose us for the job.

Replacing Old Locks

Locks will break down over years of use. Of course, a good locking mechanism will last you for many years, but even the best locks are susceptible to breaking down. The first noticeable effect of lock breakdown could be to do with the loosening of the mechanism. Loose locks can become misshapen and ineffective without the proper care.

Perhaps the most obvious indicator of needing to replace your old lock is damage. Any sign of damage is worth contacting your local locksmith expert.

Locks that Require Multiple Keys

If you have many locks requiring different keys, you may be having more trouble with your keys than necessary. Another way of consolidating your keys is by rekeying all your locks to ensure they can be opened with the same key. This method is ideal for tenants in your apartment or for big busy families.

Once you can access all of your locks with one or two keys, you won’t have to walk around with a key chain that looks more suited to a high school janitor than your lifestyle.

Contact our trusted team for your best security options.

Moving Soon?

If you’re moving soon, make sure you organize an appointment with Champion Lock & Safe Company about your locks. We can help you rekey or change your locks depending on what your needs are.

Moving can be hectic, and it’s always much more work than anticipated. Let this be your reminder to contact us for your lock-changing needs.

Needing a More Modern Lock System

This can happen for many reasons, and whatever your reason for upgrading may be, we are here to help you with it. The locks we can install for you come in a wide range of tiers, increasing both in overall security level, quality, and price range.

We are the team that will help you make the right decision for the security of your property.

In Conclusion

Whatever your reason is for needing to rekey your locks or change them entirely, it can be done easily when you work with us. We are an experienced and locally celebrated locksmith business with a long history of consumer satisfaction and repeat clientele.

We want to meet with you to discuss your lock rekeying or changing needs at your earliest convenience.

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