A keyless system has dramatically reduced the number of unwanted entries in homes, buildings, and cars. It is basically a modern lock. With the help of Nano technology, keyless entry systems are now readily available to public at a reasonable price. Champion Locks have been providing reliable keyless entry systems to homes and businesses in San Antonio for more than five years.

How Does Keyless Entry System Works?

One of the most popular keyless systems are currently installed in cars. Keyless remotes of cars have a radio transmitter. These short-range radio transmitters must be within 20 meters of the car. These remotes when activated send a coded signal to the car to lock or unlock the car.

Further advancement in coding and theft proofing have now introduced encryption and spoofing of the radio signal. The car beeps when it is locked and unlocked. Nowadays, remotes can open doors, start the car, and open the trunk of the car. Therefore, auto makers take great security measures to ensure the security of the passengers of the car against intruders.

There have been instances where the key fob has been lost, destroyed, and/or stolen.Because of ease of access it also creates worrying situation for car owners. Sometimes, the key fob simply stops working! One of the most common cause is dead batteries. Different key fobs have different sizes of batteries. Champion Lock in San Antonio has been helping stranded car owners getting into their cars quickly. Our on-site technicians are quick to respond to any locked-out emergency. We carry batteries for all types of key fobs so you can get into your car quickly. Our technicians are only one call away. We strive to respond to car locked out emergencies within 20 minutes in San Antonio. Various auto makers have designed their “smart keys” to dramatically reduce unwarranted access to the cars.

Our technicians are trained, insured and experience to handle all types of locked out emergencies related to keyless entry systems. With a fully equipped truck our technicians are equipped to unlock cars of majority of makes and models. Our technicians are courteous and friendly. We have helped thousands of locked out San Antonio customers.

Garage door openers are other popular example of residential keyless entry systems. High tech and encrypted office entry systems are another example of high security and robust key less entry system in San Antonio. Locksmith Services have been installing, servicing and repairing keyless entry systems for over 10 years. Our clients include both residential and business owners of San Antonio.

Champion Lock and Services have been designing high end security solutions for residents and business owners of San Antonio for over 10 years. We have specialized in installing a new security system, removing, and disposing previous keyless entry systems.

Our technicians are swift to respond and help people and business owners locked out from their cars, homes, and offices. For more information about various keyless entry systems and how they can help secure your home and office call us today!