Technology and the Internet have changed the way we live every aspect of our lives. It seems that smart appliances have spread to every corner of the average San Antonio home, and your front door is no exception. But as many delights as new technologies and social media bring us, they also bring new dangers to be wary of. In many ways, what’s old is new again.

The newest (and oldest)? Thieves looking to take advantage of your yearly vacation to break into your home and steal your valuables. Before you head off on the journey of a lifetime, make sure you don’t set yourself up for the heist of a lifetime. Champion Lock & Safe Company is kicking off our blog on all things locksmithing in 2018 with this step-by-step guide to protecting your home from burglars while you’re joining the jet set.

Steps to Protect Your Home When You Fly Abroad

You may need assistance with some of these steps—call a local locksmith to set up an appointment if need be. (And may we suggest Champion Lock & Safe Company?)

Secure Your Home—The Whole Thing

After your bags are packed for your international flight—but before you hop into the cab—do one last circle of your San Antonio home or apartment and make sure everything is locked properly. Windows? Shut and sealed and maybe taped for good measure.

Doors, including garage? Make sure all your spare keys are accounted for. It’s a good idea to leave one spare with a trusted friend while you’re away, but if you have five or more spare keys out and about in the world, better get a locksmith to rekey your home before you leave. Don’t forget to retrieve your ‘emergency key’ you hid under a rock in your front lawn!

Wait to Share Photos of Your Vacation

I think most of us can admit that one of the best parts about going on vacation—aside from the incredible new flavors, experiences, friendships, smells, and sights, of course—is the envy-inspiring photos you get to post on social media. You’ve worked hard to look great in a swimsuit—why not let all your friends know that?

Well, your friends might not be the only ones watching. If you don’t have your privacy settings locked down, thieves might be watching to see who’s posting from popular vacation spots like Punta Cana or Miami Beach. You’d be surprised at how much someone could find out about you with a few hours of snooping. And don’t even think about the #vacaylife hashtag.

Have a Friend Drop By

They don’t need to live in your home, but it’s a smart idea to have a friend visit your place to keep an eye on things while you’re away. It’s especially important for your friend to clear your mail and newspapers, to make your home looked lived-in.

Get a Smart Lock or Biometric Lock

It’s time to fight fire with fire. Thieves snooping on your social media to break in? Set up a lock that only opens when you or your family members scan a fingerprint or bring your smartphone in the vicinity. That way, you can feel safe while you’re surfing the Maui waves!