Dealing with a lost, damaged, or compromised key can be stressful and challenging to navigate as a homeowner, business owner, or driver. You want access restored quickly and cost-efficiently, and you also want to feel safe and secure when all the work is complete.

The team at Champion Lock & Safe Company has created a helpful guide for easily navigating the key replacement process. In this blog, we offer advice on what to do when you’ve lost your keys and provide some general criteria to keep in mind when hiring a locksmith.

Whether you’re dealing with a drawn-out key replacement process or just noticing the problem, this blog post is perfect for you.

What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Keys or They No Longer Work

Anyone who’s dealt with a missing, damaged, or malfunctioning key will be the first to tell you how frustrating the replacement process can sometimes be. Not only does a compromised key cause disruptions to your day, but it can also lead to concerns over the safety and security of your property or automobile.

When your key stops working or you’ve already searched high and low for your keys and have been unsuccessful in locating them, we recommend some basic steps while navigating your replacement.

Regardless of why you need a key replaced, our team’s locksmiths advise you to do the following:

Our Locksmiths Recommended Taking a Moment to Assess the Situation

To determine the best course of action, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did your key break in the lock?
  • Do you have reason to believe your keys were stolen?
  • Did you lose or misplace your keys?
  • Is this replacement time-sensitive?

When you need a key replaced, programmed, or reprogrammed quickly, it pays to work with a certified professional with plenty of local experience and a detailed understanding of home, business, and automotive security.

Contact a Local Locksmith

Once you’ve established the facts and are confident that your key is missing, damaged, or otherwise unusable, you should contact a reputable, local locksmith. A professional locksmith will help restore your access to your property or vehicle and provide you with a key replacement. They’ll also make recommendations to help you choose the best key type.

Programmable smart keys are a convenient way to manage access control. We recommend exploring this option to learn more about the benefits of this forward-thinking key type.

You can expect a licensed professional to arrive promptly, provide a quote on their services, and offer multiple options for replacing your keys. Make sure you give your locksmith as much information about your key, the lock, and your preferences as possible to ensure their service is tailored to you.

Decide on a Key Replacement Method

Professional locksmiths might recommend one of several different key replacement methods. The one chosen for your situation will depend on your preferences, the type of lock you have, and the circumstances that caused you to contact a locksmith.

The most common key replacement methods include the following:

  • Rekeying
  • Key cutting and copying
  • Key impressioning
  • Key decoding
  • Master key system creation
  • Key code replacement
  • Electronic key programming
  • Master key duplication
  • Lock replacement

After consulting with your locksmith and receiving their recommendation, you’ll decide on the key replacement method best suited to your goals. You should also ask your technician to detail the pros and cons of each option and request up-front pricing information.

What to Look for In a Locksmith Company

Before contacting a local locksmith, weighing your options and finding the best professional service is worthwhile. Replacing locks and keys is a significant undertaking, so hiring a top-quality company you feel comfortable with is an important consideration.

We recommend working with companies that meet the following criteria:

Choose From Locksmith Companies With Full Licensing and Certification

One of the most important parts of hiring a locksmith is verifying their licensing and certification. Working with a professionally licensed technician assures you they have the skills to replace and program your key in line with industry standards and regulations. Trust us when we say it’s essential to take a good look at their qualifications whenever your security and sense of safety are involved.

Experience Across a Variety of Locksmith Services

The more experienced a locksmith is, the better. When you’re dealing with a complicated situation, require multiple key replacements, or have security concerns, a professional will provide the level of precision and personalization required to help you achieve your goals.

While we appreciate that sometimes the best key replacement services will be those that are most efficient, we recommend finding an established locksmith to support your needs.

Honesty and Integrity Should Be the Cornerstones of the Locksmith Business You Select

Perhaps the most significant criterion apart from professional certification is finding a locksmith who’s forthcoming about their commitment to honesty and integrity. Working with a trustworthy locksmith is paramount to your safety and satisfaction, so taking the time to research the available options in your area is always a good idea.

Now You’re Ready to Hire a Locksmith to Replace Lost or Damaged Keys

When it comes to replacing your keys, it’s essential to take the time to investigate what happened, connect with a reputable locksmith, and, together, decide on an appropriate key replacement method. Your safety and comfort in your home or vehicle should be a top priority. When you’re concerned about a stranger having access to your property, you should get in touch with local authorities and connect with your neighbors.

Key replacement can be a taxing and stressful experience, but working with a professional locksmith is a great way to tackle the problem and put your mind at ease. Now that you’ve read this far, you can be confident you’re taking the appropriate steps to solve the problem.

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